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Chris Aratin's music

Experience the power of music to unite heart and soul.

We all long for a better life, but far too often suffer from fear & feel alone, in a world where we so often lack connection to others as we search for true meaning...

What should we do about it?


Well, Chris Aratins believes that the way through these problems is in responsibility, courage, philosophy & above all

can be found in music.

For these very reasons, the young singer-songwriter, with his alternative rock and indie folk influences, has decided to dedicate his life to creating music that will help us all open the doors between the known and the unknown, understand ourselves better, and bring us together as people.

Listen to the music of Chris Aratins

The feelings captured in this song are about finally being filled with nothing but acceptance and gratitude when we finally see the light at the end of the tunnel after struggling with the end of a relationship that we have now exchanged for the rediscovery of ourselves

A personal song for you & everyone else. Written specifically to give people hope and wish them only the best on their journey. Foreword. Saying goodbye to people with a hug so they can embrace what life has in store for them next with open arms.

Tour & Live Shows

The best possible performance quality

Chris Aratins knows that you and your needs are special, and he is happy to get in touch with you to find out exactly what you want. Whether it's a quieter performance in the restaurant, something more energetic in the bar, a birthday party for you or your child, or a cozy company event, Chris is up for anything and will give you the show you want

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Chris had a very special relationship with music when he was growing up in the colorful streets and forests of Zurich, which made him the frontman of the Zurich band VCDT. The suffering in his life gave him a voice and together they toured Switzerland for years before their paths parted. But Chris still hadn't had enough, and his passion now drives him alone on stage, where the young artist creates colorful music with his emotional voice, energetic acoustic guitar, and his dynamic playing and tells captivating stories of grief and triumph.


Chris has already had the opportunity to share his music with audiences on stage in Zurich, Winterthur and Baden. His shows range from open mics and live jams to self-booked solo performances and festival acts.

Now Chris performs regularly at GZ Wollishofen & Roxy Music Bar, & is working hard on several projects such as an open mic he hosts, collaborating with other musicians, studio recordings & street music

plans for the future

Chris has set himself the goal of performing in every possible location the city & canton has to offer before traveling the world to share his music with all the people out there & inspire others.

Booking and organizing shows is at the top of his list. He also collaborates with other musicians and continues to build on that. He is also establishing himself more and more in the local music scene. He is constantly improving, always bringing new elements into his music and creating an intimate setting for all listeners, and now invites you to become part of this story and share a piece of life and music with him...

In the summer, he has set himself the goal of conquering the streets of Zurich, performing there every sunny day and winning new fans

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